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15th & 16th Jan 2024

"It's Time To Fly"

"Watching the butterfly go towards the sun I wonder what I will become. Metamorphosis whatever this is.."

Just as a butterfly goes through a METAMORPHOSIS so too do our daughters go through life stages. It can be a confusing time for our tween and teen girls as they start their transition to become adults with them often not understanding the changes or knowing how to deal with them.

The Girl Squad BUTTERFLY BEAUTIES BASE CAMP is an immersive and interactive experience designed to give your daughter information, tools and strategies to understand her blossoming body, how to have flourishing friendships, introduce her to the magic of mindfulness and power up her productivity.

This is all wrapped up in fun activities, bonding opportunities, role play exercises and ceremonies. Your daughter will receive a Butterfly Beauties Handbook to take home to remind her of the amazing experience and valuable lessons learnt at Base Camp.

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It's Time to Spread Your Wings and Fly

"What If I Fail...Oh But My Darling What If You FLY"

As I remember back to my tween and teen years I can't help but think about how much has happened. That young girl that I see in photos smiling back at me having so many hopes, so many dreams, so many fears, so many questions. Lacking self confidence, self belief, allowing doubts to sabotage her at every turn.

I would tell her it was OK if she doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. That life will present her with all different paths. That all she will learn outside of the classroom will be just as important as what she will learn inside the classroom.

I would tell her to not get so caught up in what other people think. To not be afraid of being her authentic self. To live more boldly, and share her opinion, even if it isn’t the most popular one.

I would tell her to enjoy her healthy and able body. To never take it for granted.

I would tell her that love will find its way to her, in its own time and place.

I would tell her to call her parents more. And thank them profusely. And when she experiences the fierce love a parent has for their child, she will see her own parents in a brand-new light.

I would tell her to truly appreciate the people who will walk beside her on this journey and let them know what they mean to her.

Most importantly, I would tell her that I love her. That I am proud of her. That I believe in her. That she will make mistakes, but those mistakes don’t have to define her. That life won’t be easy, but twenty years from now she will look back at her younger self and realise just how far she’s come.

"Your Wings Already Exist All You Have to Do Is Fly"

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Program Schedule


Suitable for Years 5 & 6 Girls

2 days / 1 night

Butterfly Beauties Base Camp
NEW dates just announced!

15th & 16th January 2024

Girl Squad High School Transition Camp

NEW DATE - 15th & 16th January 2024

💗 Topics include:

Blossoming Bodies
Flourishing Friendships
Magic Mindfulness
Power Productivity

💗 Location: Point Wolstoncroft Sport and Recreation Camp

Kanangra Drive
Gwandalan NSW 2259

Butterfly Base Camp.jpg

Mindset Topics

Blossoming Bodies

Understanding Body Changes
Positive Body Image
Body Gratitude
First Moon Circle

Flourishing Friendships

Friendships Explained
Common Friendship Issues
& How to Deal With Them
What It Takes To Be A Good Friend
Assertive Boundaries

Magic Mindfulness

Meditation Magic
The Grace of Gratitude
The Art of Journaling

Power Productivity

Goal Setting based on Values
Priorities Matrix
Time Management
Scheduling & Organisation - learning the skill of Reverse Engineering

Let's break it all down

What is included in the Butterfly Beauties BASE CAMP

* Accommodation

* All Meals

* Activities

* Educational Materials

* Butterfly Beauties Handbook

* Girl Squad A3 desk planner

* Girl Squad Limited Edition Oversize Tee

* Mum & Daughter Bonding session on pick-up

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