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Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You!
Practical Life Skills for Tween Girls

Looking for a transformative journey that empowers your tween daughter to shine bright and embrace her full potential? Look no further! Girl Squad presents "EmpowerHER," an inspiring program designed to nurture confidence, foster positive friendships, and ignite passions!

Classes held: Impact Gym Erina & outdoors


"A lot of Mums I talk to worry about the well-being of their daughters growing up in today's world"

My Girl Squad program empowers girls with the tools to thrive in life. As a result girls are happier & healthier, are more confident, live with passion and purpose and have better communication and friendships / relationships.



Our girls continue to face challenges day in and day out. Whether it's the external environment, the school playground or their own internal chatter.

The Girl Squad Program has 3 main pillars: Strength, Self Belief & The Sisterhood and these concepts are delivered through the 3 components of each class: Movement, Mindset & Meditation.

"Inspired Girls Inspire Girls"

The Development Stages Explained

Knowledge is Power!

Physical Changes

Girls between 8-12 years are called TWEENS because they are in between children and teenagers. During this time they go through big physical changes - develop breasts, get their periods and can become more self conscious about their bodies.


Cognitive - How They Think!

Tweens start to care a lot about what other people think about them. This means they want to fit in with other kids and feel bad if they're left out. They compare themselves to their friends - even confident children can become insecure & oversensitive at this age.


The Gender Code

The Gender Code is the barrage of messages received by both girls & boys everyday - from the media, from parents & teachers, from commercials and fashion mags and the internet telling them what it means to be a girl or boy and how they should act, think and feel.

"The Gender Code comes in loud and clear at this time, while their bodies are also changing".

For girls this is the age when Body Image issues start to arise. Studies show that self-esteem in girls peaks at Age 9 and for many decreases sharply by Age 12.


Social & Self Identity

Because the hallmark of this age is an awareness of others the social landscape of your daughter's life changes profoundly. 

She wants more independence and is progressively more attuned to peers and less identified with families & parents.

Tweens are looking more to their peer group for advice & guidance. At the same time they're all going through major shifts physically and cognitively, and are feeling the awkwardness and self consciousness of all that and that's where you can run into problems. Some of the really tough social dynamics as this is the age when bullying can really become a problem.


Emotional Development

The early adolescent brain is also evolving with regard to emotional development in ways that make girls both more sensitive to their own emotions and to those of others. They develop a heightened reactivity to emotion, but their brain development lags in the regions that are active in regulating emotions.

They're fumbling with the ability to interpret other people's emotions and even their own emotions. It's a tough stage - a lot of parents will talk about suddenly their child is really moody. It's normal for tweens to have really intense swings of emotions & interpersonal dynamics.



Hear What Others Have to Say

Testimonial Photo.jpg

This is amazing Mish! I’m literally watching my daughter blossom into the most resilient, emotionally intelligent and self-confident young woman right before my eyes and I’ve no doubt it’s because of your guidance. It seriously brings me to tears to see her unleashing herself in the most powerful and beautiful way. Not to mention the way it has taken our mother/daughter relationship to a whole new level of trust and communication. You are an angel Mish and I will be recommending to every mother of teen girls I know!



"I spotted Girl Squad on a Facebook group and signed my daughter up. With being in lockdown, fitness had suffered slightly so I wanted Mollie’s fitness levels to return. What I didn’t realise is that not only is the class focused on physical fitness, it supports mental fitness too. Mollie is very self conscious about a part of her body, which is silly but it’s important to her. After going to the class and being in a safe space, her self consciousness has practically disappeared and she feels happier in herself. Mollie is just about to enter the next phase of being a girl and the foundations which are being built in this class, will serve her so well. Michelle is a wonderful, and very patient person who has a great energy and a very positive influence on my daughter (and me!) we will be staying with Girl squad for the foreseeable."


Check out our classes in ACTION!

Classes are fun, interactive and different every week!



EmpowerHER Routines & Rituals

EmpowerHER Body Image

EmpowerHER Friendships

EmpowerHER Emotions

EmpowerHER Passions

EmpowerHER Decisions

EmpowerHER Leadership Skills

EmpowerHER Energy 

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