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"Flourishing Friendships"

"A circle is round it has no end...that's how long I want to be your friend"

Your child’s world gets bigger when she starts school. Relationships with other people – like the children in her class at school – become more important.

Friendships are good for your school-age child’s self-esteem. When your child has good friends, she feels like she belongs. Her friends care about her, and this helps her feel good about herself.

Friendships help children develop important life skills like getting along with other people and sorting out conflicts and problems. Children with these skills are less likely to have social and emotional difficulties later in life.

Friendship is like a garden. You have those plants that have been there forever - the oak trees with deep roots and strong branches, able to weather any storm. The new trees are much smaller, but they have the potential one day to be as strong. It just takes time and patience to grow into that resilience.

Then, you have the seasonal plants. These are wonderful - the flowers that paint the garden with diversity and beauty. Still, deep down you know they will not be in the garden forever, but you enjoy them while they are here.

And then, when the new season rolls around, you enjoy the next round of intricate foliage.

Still, in any garden, there are times when you might over-water or forget to water a plant - both devastating mistakes. Other times, you may scatter the seeds in weak soil, and the plant grows shallow roots; then, when the storm comes, the plants are not strong enough to survive. Nevertheless, your garden still remains beautiful in the long run.

No one is perfect, and gardening - and friendship - isn't either. But, it is still worth it in the end.

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Our Flourishing Friendships Workshops are so much FUN!

"Friends are the people who make you smile brighter, laugh louder and live better"


We guide your beautiful girls on a journey through the friendship garden where she will leave more confident and self assured about what friendship means, how to be a good friend, able to identify different types of friendships, know who is in her circle, navigate her way through common friendship issues, understand and assert boundaries as well as how to make new friends.

This is all wrapped up in Friendship Fun! Think Friendship meditations, dances, craft, plant pots and bracelets!

"What are you waiting for?...The Friendship Fairies are ready to sprinkle their friendship dust"

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Program Schedule

Flourishing Friendships Workshop

Flourishing Friendships Workshop

TIMES can be booked to suit

💗 Inclusions:

3 hour workshop
Healthy lunch
Friendship plant
Friendship bracelet

Who is in my circle craft

💗 Location: Terrigal Surf Club

The Esplanade Terrigal

WHAT TO WEAR: comfortable clothes for dancing, meditation and craft. Would love the girls to add some Princess magic!

Friendships 3.jpg

Mindset Topics

What is Friendship?

The meaning of friendship
How to be a good friend
Healthy friendships
Different types of friendships

Flourishing Friendships

Who is in my circle?
Common Friendship Issues
& How to Deal With Them
Understanding and Setting Boundaries
How to make new Friends

Mindful Movement & Creative Craft

Friendship Meditation
Friendship Dance
Friendship Plant
Friendship Bracelet
Friendship Craft

Let's break it all down

What is included in the Flourishing Friendships Workshop

* 2 Amazing Mentors

* Lunch

* All Activities

* All Materials

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