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To the world you are a mother...but to your family you are the world!

"Empowered Women Empower Women"

Mums I see you!!! Doing it all, putting yourself last at times (or all of the time), mum guilt, spreading yourself too thin, running over your to-do list in your head not being able to sleep, burnt out, wondering what to cook for dinner each night, rushing from one after school activity to the next and the list goes on!

Why not take at least one hour out of your week to say YES to yourself. Our Mum Squad classes are designed to connect you to like minded Mums, energise your body and mind and allow you the space to go within through a relaxing end of class meditation.

These classes have it all...

* Interval workouts

* Strength training

* Core stability

* Boxing

* Post session swims

* Amazing sunrises

* Outdoor in nature

* Mindset topics

* Stretch

* Meditation

* Group Support

* Mum Squad Events


Is the answer YES to any of these questions?

Are you a Mum who...

* has lost her mojo?

* puts everyone else first?

* wants to get back into exercise?

* would love to be surrounded by like minded Mums?

* is struggling to keep up with Mum life?

* hasn't found her Mum Squad?

If the answer is YES to even one of these questions you owe it to yourself and your family to make yourself a priority!


All classes are outdoor & meet at Wamberal Surf Club. We utilise all types of equipment - dumbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance and booty bands, body weight, boxing & weight plates



Wamberal Surf Club


Friday - 6AM

Wamberal Surf Club

ABOUT our Mum Squad Classes

Allow me to hold space for YOU! through:



Light Jogging to get the heart rate UP!



Building Muscle & Stamina through Boxing & Strength Training


Talking about topics related to MUMS to help with a positive mindset



Creating space within our mind & regulating our nervous system




"I signed my daughter up to Mish’s Girl Squad 4 years ago. I’d been super fit in my 20’s, pre kids and watched from the sidelines while she made friends and got fitter and stronger. I knew I needed to get back into it but was scared to death of being too unfit to keep up. I took the opportunity offered to join in on a couple of sessions and was hooked after that.

I went from 1 to 2 sessions a week and I love it. I’m no good at gyms. I sabotage myself and my progress by wanting to give up way too soon. Mish and my fellow mums inspire me to find my physical limits, push through the mental blocks and keep going. Even just the process of getting up for a 6.00am session is something I never thought I’d do but what an amazing way to start the day.

Mish does her best to bring out our best and I love knowing that I’ve given it my all. I’m getting stronger every week and I love that too"



"I wanted to love exercise rather than see it as a chore. I personally hate gyms and prescribed ideas of beauty. I have been trained by Mish before and always felt seen, understood and empowered to reach my own personal goals.

I felt weak and aspired to be strong. Mish’s focus on strength training, fierceness and mindset impacted me as a whole person to be stronger in mind and body.

This is a beautiful, inclusive group of women and Mish has fostered a culture of fun and empowerment. Plus …the sunrise will change your whole day"



"I joined Mum Squad essentially to better my overall physical and mental health, I chose this group because I’ve trained with Mish in the past and I know the quality of her sessions are next level THE best.. always variety in the training and she can push each person to their own individual limits.

She really gets the best of you. And also training outside in nature by the beach motives me to get up at the crack of dawn.

Oh AND the holistic approach to wellness, covering topics and meditation to end a session leaves me set up to tackle the week and reflect on things I might not have otherwise- I wouldn’t go anywhere else"


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